Male customer’s feedback: “As a man who loves to wear shapewear with nylon panties this is an awesome shaper

Male customer’s feedback: “As a man who loves to wear shapewear with nylon panties this is an awesome shaper

Rago High Waist Brief Girdle w/ Zipper 6101 Male customer’s feedback: “Gives me a nice girly shape and holds the boys back very well. I probably should have bought a 3X but as I don’t have womanly hips it might have been too large in that area. Beautiful girdle for a cross dresser.”

Male customer’s feedback: “I cant wait to try on this pantie shaper. After reading the detail descrlption, I knew it was what I wanted. I use sculptz shaping tights and a pantie shaper at the same time to acquire the shape I want. This shaper is all I need. One pantie for a one time aggressive shape.”

Rago Long Leg Body Briefer 9071 Male customer’s feedback: “I actually bought this shaper for my husband to wear. He has lower back issues and a groin problem. After searching for days for a suitable briefer for him, I turned to Herroom. The Rago provides the perfect amount of support for him. He was not happy with the thought of wearing a “womans” briefer, but after the first day he was convinced, and I have ordered 3 more for him. The beige seems to be the best color. The only downsides are the cone shaped cups make him a little self conscious. In the fall and winter this is no problem, but for spring and summer we may have to find something else. The bra straps are a little short for his longer torso. He also complains about the lace trim on the leg, but I think it’s cute! Thanks so much Herroom, you have really helped us out.”

Nice derriere lift and total body support,love what this does for me!

Male customer’s feedback: “Althought Quality was no issue, the fit was too short in the body. So after some further consulting and searching I purchased Va Bien 1292 LLBB from you and this, Being longer in the body fit perfectly. (After trying the Rago as per instructions I would like now to return it?)”

Male customer’s feedback:”I am a male customer and I love this body breifer and how well it gives me a more feminine shape!

What a great feeling and the support is amazing. Own other Rago products and will buy more, they are really terrific.”

Male customer’s feedback: “As all rago products these are wonderful, offer great control shaping qualities. As a male who loves to wear shapewear and nylon panties these rago shapers do a great job of handling and smoothing the male anatomy, giving a nice smooth comfortable appearance. Thank you Rago and HerRoom for your assistance. “

Male customer’s feedback: “As a man who wears shapewear very often for the smoothness and finished fit i desire this is a wonderfull longleg shaper.wear vanity fair nylon panties under,helps to pull up and to use the facilities purchased one in each color. love rago shapwear,thank you, herroom!!”

Rago Body Briefer 9051 Male customer’s feedback:”I am a male and would advise any one with back troubles to try this one.”

It is so pretty and comfortable to wear. I have 3 now in white. black and beige. I love the fact that I can wear garter nylons with it. It holds your tummy in well. As a man you will feel so pretty in this foundation. I wear a padded panty underneath to give me those extra curves.”

Male customer’s feedback: “Read all the reviews,purchased one in white and one in beige, absolutely love the firm control and wonderfull shaping quality of this “rago” body a special needs shopper (male)who likes to wear shapewear and girdles daily to give me a finished look in all my clothing and help me with lower back support,this ‘RAGO BODYBRIEFER ” IS AMAZINGLY COMFOTABLE,all-day long. !my only concern as a male wearer is strap show through, but by layering or wearing a full camisole there isn’t any concern at all. love “RAGO GIRDLES AND PANTY-SHAPERS”, have quite a nice variety to help me achieve the look i want in my clothing. thank you. “

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